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For us, the most important part of the winery are the vineyards. The wines are mainly made in the vineyard, and for this reason, we are carefully checking the vineyard plots throughout the year.

Varieties: From the technical aspect, our vineyards have an extension of 50 hectares, spread over the term of the Designation of Origin Jumilla, at an altitude of 650 meters.

The main variety that we grow is Monastrell, which is a native variety of the area and therefore is well adapted to the climate. The other varieties that we cultivate are Tempranillo, Petit verdot and Syrah, which are also well adapted to this climate.

These plots are located at different altitudes and orientations, in order to find different maturities depending on solar radiation and temperature.

Climate: In the Designation of origin of Jumilla, the type of climate is the Continental-Mediterranean, resulting in a low rainfall between 200 and 400 mm/year, as it is not influenced by the sea. Therefore, presents characteristics of continental climate with more extreme temperatures. The summer season is over 30 ºC and winters are cold, reaching freezing temperatures, which occasionally leave the vineyards as landscapes snowy.

Soils: the soils where grow up the vineyard are of limestone type, poor in organic material.

With this cocktail of extreme conditions for vineyards, we got grapevines of an unquestionable quality.

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