albatana-bodega_simonHistory: The origin of the winery dates back to 1942, the year when Sebastian Simon, grandfather of the present generation begins to build a modest winery in the village of Albatana, 17 kilometres from Jumilla.

It begins the wine production intended mainly for local consumption. With the passage of time, perseverance and determination, in addition to the investment in technology have led to the evolution of wines that nowadays we offer the consumer.

Philosophy: The present generation of wines is the result of the work done by our predecessors based on a commitment with quality. Our wines are made following the tradition of the cultivation of native variety called Monastrell, together with other modern methods of production.

Cave: The cellar is located in the village of Albatana, being the geographical centre of the Designation of Origin Jumilla. It has facilities for the production of wines with the latest technology controlling the whole process and traceability up to your palate.

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